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Why use Wikis in education?


COMMUNITY: Wikis facilitate various activities throughout the school community and beyond.

Wikis can be used to facilitate various activities throughout the school community and beyond. Aside from teachers and students, the school community includes parents, administrators, support staff, volunteers, other schools (local and global), school districts, private and public industry, and various subject matter experts, just to name a few.

    • Create a site to house and collaborate on the Employee Handbook, Student Handbook, policies and procedures, and administrative forms.
    • Allow teachers to participate in professional development opportunities at their convenience and at their own pace
    • Maintain documentation of lesson plans for future teachers
    • Document teacher development and growth
    • Facilitate planning of meetings
      • Post Agenda
      • Take notes during meeting and have them available online immediately following the meeting. Participants will be able to review, annotate, and revise.
      • Facilitate meeting discussions by having a place particpants can post their comments thereby not wasting meeting time.
      • Generate group discussion before the meeting
    • Solicit resources, advice, etc. from community members
    • Create a resource for volunteer opportunities, activities and events
    • Communicate with parents and caregivers
    • Invite teachers in the local as well as global community to collaborate
    • Invite subject matter experts from the local and global community to collaborate
    • Create a collection of best practices on school management, curriculum, personnel issues etc.
    • Solicit feedback and input from staff as needed
    • Collaborate on projects, activities, special events, etc.
    • Develop a very flexible and extremely cost effective school web site which is built collaboratively