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Creating a Wiki



It is easy to add new page and links to the new page on existing pages on the site. Every wiki page has a name. Page names are automatically translated into hyperlinks to the corresponding wiki page. A list of pages can be added to a table of contents or navigation bar to help visitors easily navigate around the wiki.


The quality that makes Wikis unique is in the editing process. By simply selecting "Edit Page", you can add to, take away, or change the written wiki page. An edit tool bar opens up with many of the same basic functions you would find in a basic word processor. If an icon looks unfamiliar to you, simply hover over it and descriptive text will pop up beneath the icon. As soon you select "save", the edited page is published instantly. Some wikis allow you to preview the Web page as it would look to others before making changes and then easily save the content, continue making changes, or cancel the changes.

Below are some snapshots of the different edit tool bars from the three leading educational Wiki farms. Notice the options are basically the same and the icons look similar.

PB Wiki Edit toolbar

Wetpaint edit toolbar

Wikispaces Editor

Adding Content

film.pngAside from simply inserting and formatting text, wikis pages really come alive when enriched with additional multi-media components. Usually referred to as widgets or plug-ins, these are mini-applications that enable you to effortlessly offer engaging content to your visitors. The list keeps growing, but the following types of applications are offered by most wiki providers.

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