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21st Century Skills Moving Forward
The ISYS100 class Movng Forward wiki houses a collection of resources to help presenters and change agents as they help move schools and universities forward into the 21st century.
Topics Include: 21st century skills, Videos and handouts, Speakers bureau, Administrators, Teachers, Blogs
Wikis, Podcasts, Digital Storytelling, Gaming, Professional Development Manifestos Dell


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Educational Origami

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Topics include: Bloom's Digital Taxonomy, Welcome to the 21st Century, Neomillennial Learning styles, Cyber-safety, Web 2.0 tools, Virtual Field trips Using Web 2.0, Visible Thinking

Thinking Machine

Topics include: Blended Learning, Podcasting, Social Networking, Google Tools, Digital Photography, 21st Century Online Tools, Handhelds, Cybersafety

Teaching and Thinking with Technology

Topics include: Audio/Visual Tools, Web 2.0 Tutorials, Mind Mapping/Graphic Organizers, Copyright Free Music, Organizational Tools

Teach Digital Curriculum by Wes Fryer

Topics include: Blended Learning, Digital Storytelling, Collaboration, Tech Trends (Conversations)

Web Wonders

Presented by Teachers in the Talladega County School System in Talladega County, Alabama a compilation of useful web tools for everyday use in the classroom.
Topics include: Vocab, Writing, Reading, Voice, Photo, Science, Math, Storytelling,

Wikis in Education

Topics include: Classroom wikis, Group Project Wikis, Student Created Wikis, Teacher Peer Wikis,

Skype in Schools

A Skype educational directory to use for establishing global connections.Topics include:
Directory, Experiences, Getting Started with Skype (PPT), Want-Ads

Compare Tablet PC’s @ http://toshibathrivetabletreview.com


Classroom 2.0

Topics include:

School 2.0

Educational Software and Web 2.0

Hokanson's Instructional Technology Wiki

Tech 4DI (for Differentiated Instruction)

Teacher's First

Learning Web2

Tech Enhanced Learning

TECH https://computerlabactivities.wikispaces.com/

TECH Comic Life Wiki

TECH Mrs. Oro's Computer Page

TECH Computer Kiddos Wiki

TECH Web2tutorial

TECH WebloggEd

TECH Shift Happens

TECH CogDogRoo

TECH ClioTech Wiki

TECH FreeTech4Teachers

TECH Cool Tools

TECH K12 Learning

TECH K12 Open Source

TECH Teach Digital

TECH Computer Kiddos

TECH Web2.0 Guru

TECH http://msit6.wikispaces.com/

TECH Qatar Academy IT classes

TECH Digital Citizenship in Education


TECH T Murdach

TECH Tracy Murdach

TECH HP Elementary Tech Class

TECH http://techinthemiddle.wikispaces.com/

TECH Coyote Talks wiki (Sheri Edwards, 20+ year veteran teacher - dispels the “digital immigrant” myth)

Technology Infusion Professional Development Collaboration - TechnoTeach

A Celebration of Technology Use in the District http://showcase17.wikispaces.com


This wiki from a high school classroom has a number of useful resources with screen shots for applications and web 2.0
Mobile Technology in TAFE

A great site with step-by-step tutorials for a number of Web 2.0 tools.
Wiki Support

This is a very clear and easy to use guide to wikis and the things you can add to them. Has a useful list of links to try. Bling for your site
ICT in Science Education

Again, a thorough index of ICT tools that can be used with an emphasis on science but often good for all subject areas.

Another wiki with a list of useful resources.

A wiki with detailed resources for
blogging in the Classroom, wikis, podcasting
RSS - Bringing the Web to You and Digital Storytelling
TALO - Teaching and Learning Online

A lot of ideas and resources on this wiki
Grazing for Digital Natives

A wiki by a staff development facilitator, STAR Discovery Educator, and Keystone Technology Integrator in the US. It has resources for workshops she has run on a number of web 2.0 tools - very useful.

Another wiki with a summary of some useful tools that educators can use. Some good resources here.
Te Whakatipurangahou ICT PD cluster

A great selection of links and resources for different tools.
Multimedia Tools

A PBWiki set up for educators.
Sara Taylor's Wiki

Heaps of resources! Great for working with ICT in education.

Art & Music

Art: http://arttalk.wetpaint.com/?t=anon
Music:Southwest Middle School Band

ART & MUSIC http://strings.wikispaces.com/

ART & MUSIC http://dragonart.wikispaces.com/

ART Blissart

Mr. Heming's Viual Art - http://hemingart.wikispaces.com

Primary school art class website and online gallery.
Foreign Language

Spanish: http://intercontacto.wetpaint.com/?t=anon
High School Spanish

French Place Francais - two classes on opposite sides of the world connect to learn French and about each other (in progress)
K-5 Classroom PagesMrs. Hines


4th grade at Watwood Elementary School in Childersburg, Alabama

This is a nice wiki by two first grade teachers. They have lots of great links to other sites for students and parents.

This is a neat page for kindergarteners and parents. Lots of info!
**Room 15 Wiki**

Sixth grade classroom wiki. Includes book reviews by students.
K-5 http://delauderdiggs.wikispaces.com

K-5 The 100th Day Counting Wiki - a wiki for pirmary classes

K-5 KinderKids

K-5 http://hartsar.wikispaces.com/ (SH Fondy 07)

Language Arts, Literacy, & LibraryGreat Book Stories

Topics include: Stories about great books, Create and share a digital story about a book

Tolkien Gateway

Topics include: Images, Characters, Adaptations, Community Portal, Forum,

Teachers of Writers and Readers Workshop in Seattle

Interactive website for middle school teachers who are using the TC Writers and Readers Workshop Models.
Topics include: Personal Narratives, Personal Essays, Persuassive Essays, Fiction

Podcasting to Improve Vocabulary Development

This wiki is a workshop on Vocabucasting. A vocabucast is a student created podcast that highlights assigned words in core curricular areas. The wiki was created by the California Technology Assistance Project(CTAP), a statewide technical assistance program, funded by the California Department of Education (CDE) to promote the effective use of technology in teaching, learning and school administration.
Topics inlclude:K-12 Student Technology Showcase Video: Vocabucasting
,Why Podcast With Students?
,Mr. Kolset's 5th Grade VocabuCasts
,About Vocabucasting
Podcasting Tips and Tutorials
,Research-based methods & strategies


5th grade reading classes studying the historical novel Turn Homeward, Hannalee by Patricia Beatty have created this site at Woodward Academy. It serves as a comprehensive study guide for a historical novel set in the Civil War era.
Topics include: Chapter Summaries, Storyteller Interview, Reader's Theater, Timeline & Map, Idiom Dictionary, Figures of Speech

Cullman Collaborative Books

Middle school students in the state of Alabama take a stab at collaboratively authoring books of multiple genres with illustrations.
Topics include: Composing Fantasy (fantasy), Not Necessarily Based on Fact (fiction), Get Out Your CSI Kit (mystery), It Coulda Happened (realistic fiction), Poetic Pinings (poetry), By Student Request

High School Online Collaborative Writing

Ms. Gutierrez’ 8th Grade English wiki

LA Booktalking with You wiki (Pleasant Hill, Iowa US)
Midsummer Dreaming - A wiki created by 13-yr old pupils to enhance their study of Shakespeare
LA Flu Shot & Two Island Light - Middle school students and author blog together as three classes in two schools read two novels.
1001 Flat World Tales; Elementary, Middle & High School Creative Writing, peer-assessment workshops
Unsolved Mysteries Wiki

LA 1001 Flat World Tales Project

LA Mrs. Huff's Classes Wiki--a place for Mrs. Huff's students to share classroom content.
LA Good Research Practices Guide for Students and Teachers

LA http://monsterproject.wikispaces.com/Welcome

LA Thurgood Marshall Academy English Department

Survey of LIterature


High School Online Collaborative Writing: Features the collaborative writing of various high school students.
Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki: Smart practices for libraries and the issues that impact them.
LA HS English classes

MathHawks Math

Created by math students from Sequoia Middle School with topics ranging from algebra and geometry vocabulary to theorems to resources created by students in order to help others with the California Mathematics Standards.
Topics include: Algebra Vocabulary, Geometry Glossary, Geometry Theorems, Algabasics Screencasts, Homework Help, Group Project

Mr. Guymon

mathematics at Stevens High School in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Math 247

The goal of this wiki is to create a library of 500 + mathcasts for K-7 math using many student and educator voices.
Topics include: Mathcasts Library, GeoGebra, How to Make a Mathcast

7th Grade Math

Resource Books, Technology Ideas, Links, Bellringers, Effective Math Videos, Projects

MATH http://primarymath.wetpaint.com/

Award-winning global collaboration between high school students in U.S. and Bangladesh. Students studied and reported on each of the ten "flatteners" presented in Friedman's //The World is Flat//, using a variety of Web 2.0 tools.
Video: Flat Classroom Project Review - http://www.teachertube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=a5a58079f0f3526c87c5
The Wiki Hall of FameHorizon Project 2008http://arrrpirates.wikispaces.com/Inspired Classrooms

Moving away from a traditional classroom arrangement, the Inspired Classroom model brings four or five classroom computers from the perimeter of the room to the student’s desks. The student desks are arranged in small groups that allow students to work cooperatively, and each group has dedicated access to a computer throughout the day.Topics include: **About Inspired Classrooms**

, **Frequently Asked Questions** , **Setting Up a Room** , **Teaching and Learning** , **Blogging in Inspired Classrooms** , **Participating Classrooms**
**Video Tutorials** , **Teacher Stories** , **Share Your Lessons** , **Ideas for Grouping Students** , **Professional Development**
Teen Life Wiki - http://teenlife.pbwiki.com/
7th and 8th graders from four countries dig deep to understand teen life globally.
Professional Development

The 23 Things

Cyber Safety

Alabama Best Practices Center

The Connected Classroom

Open PD

Doug's PD Wiki

Weblogged Presentation Links - Will Richardson's info about Wikis
PD Professor Tosa

PD More Workshop Wikis - http://edtechlife.com/workshops/
PD Education Leadership

PD Resources 4 LearningPD Eva Wagner's Houghton-Mifflin Tech Resources Wiki - http://hmtech.wikispaces.com

PD Eva Wagner's Technology Integration Projects for Grades K-3 - http://techtips.wikispaces.comPD The Academy Staff Development Planning Wiki

School Sites

Westwood Wikispaces

Wolfpack NewsThe Wolf Pack News wiki is an online newspaper created at Fayetteville High School in Sylacauga, Alabama.
Topics include: Calendar of Events, School News Classroom News , FHS Sports , Club Information , Parents Page , Library Message , Counselor's Corner

Principal's MessageSt. Francois Xavier Community SchoolBullitt Central High School

Fayetteville High School Wiki Help - Several teachers at this school have created wikis for their classes.

This is probably my favorite wiki I've seen. This high school teacher seems to get the need for embedding technology in our curriculum. I'm very impressed.

This is my wiki at Fayetteville. We are just getting started. My goal for now is to get my students comfortable with using the wiki. Later we will really focus on content objectives. My students really enjoy the discussion section and seem to edit there the most. (No surprise that they'd rather talk then research and learn!)CLASS Room 24

SCHOOL Quarter Mile Lane School

ScienceThe Science Inquirer newsletter

Topics include: Misconception Podcast , Free Stuff for Science Teachers , New Science Teacher Support , Slow Motion Videos , Digital Microscope , Earth Science Resources6th Grade Code BlueGrade 6 students in Mont'Kiara International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
learning about the human body open their own "online medical clinic."SC Team8blue - 8th grade science and math students share their classroom learningSC Go Apes

SC Outdoor Culture and Technology
Social Studies/GeographyGoogle MapkiClassroom Google EarthMr. Bruce's U.S. History ClassesTopics include: The Constitutional Convention, The Branches of Government, The Big Kahuna - 1800s Project, Student Pages, Mr. Bruce's U.S. History

Mr. Armstrong's US HistoryTopics include: Class Syllabus, Curriculum, I Am Project, Unit 1 - Our Colonial Heritage, Unit 2 - A New Nation, Unit 3 - The Nation Breaks Apart, 2nd Semester Exam Review, Student Links

Hillcrest High School Government Class - Students are creating political parties, campaigning, and holding elections online.
Mrs. Barnett's History and English Wikis (FHS) - An awesome way to organize your classroom!
Go West
Woodward Academy third graders share their learning about Westward Expansion along the Oregon Trail

Holocaust Wiki Project

Students create a branching simulation (think choose your own adventure) about a family in the Holocaust. They have to come up with realistic decision points, describe the pros and cons, address the consequences of each decision, and fill it in with a narrative that reflects their research on the Holocaust. Now that in itself is pretty neat, but the REALLY cool part is that they are all (about 30 different groups), putting their branching simulations into a Wiki. Using a Wiki allows them easily create web pages (ever try to teach Dreamweaver and academic content), edit each others work, and easily link the pages together.
Feel free to e-mail me (danmcdowell@cox.net) with any questions, comments, suggestions, etc.
Voices from the Schoolhouse
SS KStevens History Wiki

SS Studying Societies at JHK

SS Dave Conlay's Aristotle Experiment - http://aristotle-experiment.wikispaces.com

SS Blazing the Trail - wiki following the US '08 Presidential campaign trail (in progress) Will culminate with messages from kids.
SS Our Lost Children - A wiki created by teenagers to enhance multidisciplinary learning and global awareness.
7th Grade Geography

Collaborative research for VoiceThread presentations about Latin America countries -- first project for teacher to test process.
SS http://collaborationnation.wikispaces.com

SS Dan McDowell's Wiki Resources - http://www.ahistoryteacher.com/necc2006/


SP High School Track Wiki


Debate: cghsdebate

OTHER http://studyskills6.wikispaces.com/


This a wiki by a forward thinking librarian.

http://fhsbusinessmeeting.wikispaces.com Robbie Stewart's
http://fhswolvesden.wikispaces.com Jennifer Barnett's
http://spurlingscience.wikispaces.com Mandy Spurling's
http://laceycook.wikispaces.com Lacey Cook's
http://fhssciencerocks.wikispaces.com Dawn French Guy's
http://ccarpenter.wikispaces.com Christy Carpenter's
http://hammonds2nd.wikispaces.com Rachell Hammond's

This is a wiki created by a teacher at Waltham High to help teachers with wikis
Dawn French

Westwood Schools Computer Science - http://westwood.wikispaces.com
Classroom wiki for Vicki Davis' (coolcatteacher) high school computer science courses.

SMUHSD Technology Support - http://smuhsdtech.wetpaint.com
NISC Atlanta - http://nisc.wikispaces.com
Independent School parents and some faculty create preliminary shared resources on the new Read/Write Web.

ABPC WIki Basics - http://abpc.wikispaces.com/Beginning+Wikis> This is the sister site to our current session.

AATE - http://aategroup.wikispaces.com/
Website of the Atlanta Area Technology Educators group (Local ISTE-affiliate)


Hewitt Trussville Middle School students record and publish interviews with to learn what school was like from community members
The Husky Pawper

The online home of the Hewitt Trussville Middle School newspaper created by 7th grade students sponsored by Erin McGuyer


Bud Hunt's Wiki: Created by Colorado teacher Bud Hunt and many educator-collaborators.
Educational Blogging Wiki: Supports the educational uses of blogs and contains links to student and teacher blogs.
PodcasterCon Wiki: Supports collaborative preconference planning for PodcasterCon 2006 and hosts content about each session that participants can add to.
SwarmSketch: Just for fun: This site allows you to contribute a single line to a drawing and then vote for the inclusion of other lines in the drawing.
Wikibooks: Collection of textbooks that can be edited by anyone.
WikiVille: A wiki where students can build stories about where they live.
Lenoir County Public Schools Summer Tech Camp

Wiki in Education

Wikigogy, a global project for teachers of English as a second or foreign language

Wikiversity Project Portal:Education

Classroom Blogging Wiki

School Computing Home Page

Library Success Stories

DeWitt High School Library Wiki

Using Wiki in Education

Collaborative Experiments

Roosevelt Podcast Page

Share Lessons Here






- BrownRead180

Classroom Braids


Wonderful World of Wikis

Use wikis for instructional applications
Simon O'Carroll - http://flatplanet.wikispaces.com


David Warlick

Will Richardson's Wiki

What do wikis look like?**.

Karrie Brown's Wiki Article